Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Banquet 2010

This year we had our 2nd Valentine Banquet. It is not a usual Valentine's banquet because it is open to everyone, not just couples. This year's theme "The Most Important Relationship". We didn't get as many pictures as usual because Jessica was busy serving and handed the camera over to me and Valentina. The women all worked very hard and not only was there more than enough food, but it was all excellent.

Oksana, Lina, Anna, Jessica and Lydia - the main servers (the girls brought the bread baskets to the tables)
Unsaved: Oksana, Anna and Lydia

Alla, Boris, Constantine, Olea and Pasha (Dema, Lina's husband, also came but requested that his picture not be posted due to the fact that he is in the military. This is the first church activity that he has attended. What a blessing it would be to see this man saved!)
Unsaved: Constantine, Olea ?, Pasha and Dema

Valentina and Elena
Unsaved: Elena ?

Evan, Yuri, Christina, Lela (Christina's mom), Max and Vladamir
Unsaved: Evan and Lela

During the banquet, we had a few activities and contests. Pictured below are wives from our church holding "portraits" that their husbands drew of them. After the husbands who wanted to participate drew the pictures, the wives had to guess who was who. They all guessed correctly.

Please be in prayer for the unsaved who attended. We praise the Lord for those saved in 2009 and are excited to see what the Lord will do in 2010. We ask that you pray for the ministry here as satan would like nothing more than to stop the unsaved from coming to Jesus, but also to destroy the work here and hinder the growth of the believers.