Friday, May 21, 2010


On Wednesday night in the river in Vindinka normally used for just fishing, drinking and swimming, I had the privilege of baptizing Yuri, Vladamir and Christina. They had all expressed a desire to be baptized and it was exciting to see them take this step of obedience. For Christina, it was especially hard. An hour before she was supposed to be baptized she called and said that she was not ready. The whole time during the message about baptism and when Yuri and Vladamir were getting baptized, I could see the struggle on her face. She desired to get baptized but was not wanting to be harrassed afterwards by Yuri's mom and her friend. After I climbed out of the water I told her whenever she was ready to let me know. She said, "Let's do it now." Praise the Lord!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Prayer Letter

Church & Bible Lessons

The Lord has continued to bless and it seems as if the work here has grown very quickly. We are not sure is it will continue, but for the moment we are not lacking in work, just workers. We are considering moving the church to the village and praying that if this is God's will He will open up a place for us to meet there. Right now we are very tight on space.

The Bible lessons we are doing with Oksana seem to be doing very well. She listens intently during each lesson and always has many questions. Please be praying for her salvation as we bring these lessons to a close within the next month.

We will be starting Bible lessons with a man named Sasha on Monday. We have tried to encourage Sveta, who is living with him and previously expressed an interest in Bible lessons, to come but she doesn't sound like she will. We will also be starting lesons in the middle of May with a lady named Lena who has come to church with Olea. We will be meeting at Olea's house and are praying that Olea and Costa will also sit in for the lessons.

Ruselan has said that he is still interested in continuing his Bible lessons. We will be continuing these by mail and also hope to go visit with him again sometime.

We received our new visas with no problems even though we were in Poland during a very crazy time. With the of their president and with air travel being restricted because of the volcanic ash, we were afraid we would not get back to Ukraine as soon as we had hoped. Praise the Lord that everything went smoothly and when we returned to Ukraine we received our registration with no problems.

Family & Health
The girls are growing and loving living in the village. They have made quite a few friends in just the past week. Jessica's pregnancy is going well, thouse she has been very tired lately and is having a hard time sleeping. With only 7 more weeks, we are very busy trying to squeeze in doctor's visits and last minute preparations. Please be praying for her to have a safe delivery and also for us to receive the baby's birth certificate and papers with no problems.