Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our trip to Poland went well. Even with all that happened while we were there (the death of their president and canceled flights due to the volcanic ash) we were able to get there and back home safely and received our visas without any problems.

Since returning home on Saturday, we've resumed Bible lessons with Oksana (Lina taught them while we were away). Oksana always has many questions and seems very interested. She has been coming pretty regularly to services and really enjoys the fellowship at our church. Please be praying for her salvation.

We had a full church on Sunday, partly due to the fact that Elena came and brought 5 children with her! She sounds like she is going to start coming regularly and bringing the children with her.

We turned in our papers for registration today and should be receiving it on May 13th.

Lastly, even though Tamara is no longer attending church, her son Ruselan has said that he is still interested in continuing Bible lessons through the mail.