Monday, September 20, 2010

September Prayer Letter

Church & Bible Lessons

Thank you all for your prayers considering us moving the church to the village. After much praying and testing of different doors, we have decided for the moment to stay in the city and have also moved the Wednesday night services back to the city. Does this mean that we have given up on the village? Not at all! In fact, our ministry there is just beginning! I recently had the opportunity to talk with the elderly lady living behind our house. She declined the Bible I offered her because she said her eye sight was too bad to read it. But when I offered to read it to her and give her Bible lessons she seemed to like the idea. She is busy with preparing for winter right now, but said that she would start this winter.

In the last letter we asked for prayers concerning people to do Bible lessons. God answered our prayer request by bringing us Ina and Valodia, but they have since moved and not expressed a desire to start up lessons again. We ask that you continue to pray that God will bring more people for us to do lessons with.

During the past few months we have dealt with numerous problems and struggles in the church. Most have been settled but there are still a few lingering issues. We would appreciate your prayers for this very young group of believers and wisdom for us.

Sammy's Papers

The heat has finally subsided, so September 22-24 we will be traveling to Kiev to work on getting Sammy's American Birth Abroad certificate, etc. It is a 9 hr. trip by train, but we have decided not to travel at night this time, which will make it a little easier. Please pray that we receive everything smoothly and have safety traveling.

Family & Health

Everyone seems to be doing well. The kids are growing fast. I do ask that you pray for Jessica. She just got over a cold this past month and it is "burn season" here, so her asthma/cough/wheezing has started acting up again. The move overall has greatly helped her health, but the village is covered right now in a cloud of smoke from everyone burning everything they've cleaned out of their gardens.

We want to say thank you for all of the birthday cards sent in for Jessica and Anna over the past few months and a special thank you to Victory Baptist Church for the boxes that they sent. Also, thank you so much for all of your prayers. They make a difference in our ministry here in Ukraine.