Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prayer Letter

Bible Lessons
Vladamir has still not finished his Bible lessons. We only have one lesson left, but it seems like there have been many hindrances to him coming. Pray that God would remove any hindrances so that he can finish his lessons. Most importantly, please pray that he would truly understand salvation and get saved.
A few Fridays ago we met a lady named Tamara who was searching for the truth. She came to our house the next day and talked with us from 8 AM until 3 PM. She then bowed her head and received Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She has been faithful to every service since then and is continually praying for her son's salvation. I will be going to visit her son in prison November 20th. His name is Ruselan.
In the lst letter we mentioned Lela, Kristina's mom. She has not started Bible lessons yet but we would still like to meet with her.
Our church seems to have grown overnight. Not only has Tamara been faithfully coming, but also Ala, Boris, Yuri and Kristina. Yuri and Kristina are still living together but Yuri has openly admitted that it is sin and expressed the need for them to get married. Please pray that God will continue to work upon their hearts.
Since the time that Jessica talked with Tatiana, she has not come back to church. When we left her she was still very friendly but since then has gone out of her way to avoid us. We are still praying for her.
Witnessing Opportunities
God has continued to give me opportunities to witness in Russian, especially with the men working on our house. They all seemed very open to the Gospel but still no one has come to church.
Also, many of you have asked about Pasha. He is still working with me as a translator and he still talks with me about the Bible, but he still rejects God.
House & Registration
We have finally moved into our house in the village. There are still a few things needing to be done before winter, but we are enjoying our new home.
We are also working on getting registered at our new home as our registration runs out on December 24th. Pry that there will be no problems. We have recently heard that it might be possible for us to get a 3 year registration, which would be a huge blessing.
Family & Health
Both of the girls are growing up fast and are both healthy. Jessica was better for about 2 months after she came back from America but recently her coughing has started again. She is also having some breathing difficulties. Right now it isn't as bad as before but please pray that God will help us find a solution.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prayer and Prayer Updates

On the side column of our blog, we have added two new sections to better help you keep up with our prayer requests and praises. Thank you for praying!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Eric arranged to meet with Alexander at 2pm. At 2, Eric called him and Alexander said that he had to do some paper work on his car but still wanted to meet with Eric sometime. Eric is going to call him and invite him to church on Sunday. Please be in prayer for this young man.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Call in the Night

Tonight as we were settling in for the evening, Eric received a call on his cell phone. All the guy said was, "Eric, call me back and I will explain who this is." Eric called him and the man said that his name was Alexander. Eric had met him in the market while passing out tracts and had talked with him for quite some time. Before he left, Alexander asked for Eric's phone number. Now about a month later he calls with a question, "Why doesn't God hear my prayers?". He called himself a Christian and said that he believed in God, but does not attend a church. Eric told him that the only way God will hear our prayers is through Jesus Christ and unless we are saved through Jesus Christ we are considered the enemies of God. Eric is planning on meeting with Alexander tomorrow. Please be in prayer for Alexander that God will continue to work upon his heart and for Eric to have wisdom as he meets with him.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saved on "satan's Day"

Lina, Tamara, Jessica

October 31st, while most in America were preparing to celebrate Halloween, satan was trying desperately to keep control of a woman named Tamara. For 52 years she had been under his control, living in a home with a mom who practiced witchcraft and practicing it herself later. At the same time, she was searching for the truth. Seeking for answers through the Russian Orthodox church, a charismatic church, the Jehovah Witnesses...all telling her the same thing-she must do something for her salvation. They told her that right now her "gifts" were from satan, but that after she was "saved" she could use them for God. She came to our house Saturday, October 31st at 8:30 AM and talked until 3 PM. First she told of all of her visions, experiences, and "gifts" asking us if they were from God or from satan. She wanted to know "What is truth?" and "How can I KNOW that you are telling me the truth?". She pointed to a book she had brought and said that the man who wrote it was older than we were, so how could we claim to know more about the truth than him? Each time Eric would point her to what the Bible says. Near the end, she said "I believe you because you have not once said nice words to convince me, you have only pointed to the Bible." What a blessing it was when she said she wanted to receive Jesus as her Saviour! She bowed her head and prayed accepting Jesus into her heart but didn't stop there. She then prayed for her son, who is in prison for stealing, that he might find the truth like she had saying that she knew he was where he was because of her. So, on a day many consider "satan's day", satan lost control over another soul!