Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have made a down payment on a house! The house is in the village where we do Bible studies right now. If everything is in order, we will be buying it by the end of the month and should be able to start work on it. It needs quite a bit of remodeling and water and sewer to be hooked up. There is also a vacant lot with a house next to the one we are buying. We are praying that God will open the door for us to buy that as well to use for the church.

God has also been doing a work in the hearts of Yuri and Christina. They are no longer living together. Please pray that they will stay separated until marriage. We will be talking to them about baptism on Thursday night.

Vladamir's Bible lessons are going well. Tatiana came back to church on Sunday, but did not stay for the Bible lesson.

Lastly, we have applied to be registered and they received our papers. We will get our passports back by the 23rd of June. This time was a little harder. I went 3 times before they finally took our papers.

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CloughClan said...

Oh, that is wonderful about the house. What an answer of prayer for your family!! To be out of the city and into the village to start a church! Hooray!