Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayer Letter

Family & Health
First of all I would like to thank all of you who prayer for Jessica and the girls while they were traveling. Your prayers were definitely needed. We also appreciate your prayers concerning her health. She was able to visit a doctor while in the states and is doing much better. I ask that you would continue to pray for her though because she still has a little cough and I'm concerned that it could get as bad as before. Also, shortly after returning to the states Jessica miscaried our third child. We were both discouraged but we know God is in control and His plan is perfect.
My goal was to have the house ready before Jessica returned home, but there was just too much work to be done. We are making good progress though and we hope to be moved in by the end of September. Thankfully, the owner of our apartment has allowed us to stay one more month since he couldn't find anyone else to rent it. Thank you for your prayers. We know God intervened to allow us to stay here longer.
Bible Lessons
Vladimir has continued with his lessons and hopefully we will finish before our next prayer letter. Please pray for him that he will clearly understand the Gospel and trust in Christ and Christ ONLY for his salvation. It seems as though he understands better each time.
We have continued to disciple Yuri and Kristina, but as of right now, they are still living in sin. Pray that God will convict them and give them a desire to do right and live for their Saviour.
In the month of August, one of our most faithful members, Emmanuel, left to continue his education in Sweden. He will be greatly missed as we are few in numbers anyway. Valentina, Lena, and Maxime are at church every service and others come sporadically. How nice it would be if everyone would come at the same time! Our midweek service has been moved to the village on Thursday night at Yuri's house. Usually we have more on Thursdays then we do on Sunday. Elena has been faithfully coming as well as her son Ivan. Please continue to pray for his salvation.
Tatiana has continued to come off and on. The last time she came, Jessica confronted her about her salvation. She believes that she is saved because she was baptized in the Jordan River. When Jessica talked to her about doing Bible lessons she asked why she needed them if she was already saved. Jessica shared verses with her and talked with her for about one hour. She then gave her some Gospel literature to read. Pray that she will realize that baptism will not save her and turn to Christ.
Witnessing Opportunities & Language
It seems that all through the month I have been given many opportunities to witness in Russian, especially to those who have been working on my house. One man named Alexander has expressed his frustration at the problems of life. He said that he is definitely interested in coming to church and was going to come this past Sunday, but had to help his father who was sick. I have witnessed to him and given him a Bible and some literature.
I also met a man named Vasily who was a Seventh Day Adventist. I talked with him about salvation and he has said that he would like to meet with me later.
Lastly, there was Lela, Kristina's mom. I only got to speak with her briefly, but she has invited me to come to her house and speak with her and her friends. Please pray for all of these that God has put in our path, for more doors to be opened, and for greater ability to be able to witness in their language.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our ministry.

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