Saturday, October 10, 2009


A corner in the kitchen...girls room on the left, living room/our room on the right

Entry way/dining area?

The girls' room

The kitchen going into the girls' room...the walls are the same color green. It's just the lighting.

Living Room

The bathroom is almost complete too. Just needs paint and the sink and toilet hooked up. It has a beautiful white floral tile on the walls and a cream floral on the floors (though, I don't think you would see the floral print in pictures because it is almost the same color as the tile). I am so thankful for the beautiful little house that God has given us and I can't wait to move in! I am like a kid asking "Are we there yet?". I think that it just might be the most beautiful little house in all of Ukraine!


Barbara said...

It looks really inviting now :)

Curtis Family said...

Thank you!

Christine said...

Wow! It looks amazing!