Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bible Lessons

Bible lessons with Ina and Valodia went well tonight. They seem to be paying a lot of attention during the lessons and Ina always goes out of her way to thank us for taking time to teach them. We have been doing the Bible lessons at Yuri's house and tonight his mother, Baba Shora, came in and sat for the entire lesson. Following the lesson she said that she prays to God. Lina said, "God does not hear your prayers because your sins have separated you from God." Even though she is a very strong orthodox, she has agreed to sit in for the rest of the lessons. She has continued to grow softer towards Christians and was even asking Eric to bring me, Sammy and the girls over. Please be praying for her. Pray especially that she will come to the lessons sober, as she is frequently drunk. Pray also for the salvation of Ina and Valodia.

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