Sunday, December 19, 2010

Growing in the Lord

No, maybe not in numbers, but the Christians here are definitely growing in the Lord. Not only are they faithfully attending services, but now they have slowly one by one started coming to our church soulwinning day to pass out tracts. Up to this point it has always only been Lina, Max and our family. A few weeks ago, Yuri started coming. He went out even though his foot and hand were swollen and in a lot of pain. Then last week, Christina went out with us. It was freezing and snowing, but even with this, Lina said Christina was very bold. Christina testified on Sunday what a blessing this time had been to her! We are very excited about their growth in the Lord and are praying that the rest of our church will be out there with us as well. Vladamir has expressed a desire to come but has not yet been able too. He has started faithfully attending services again. We praise the Lord for this growth and ask that you pray for continued growth and for people to be saved.
Sometime before New Year's, I will be trying to visit Ruselan at the prison again. Again, we are praying that we will be given a private room to do Bible lessons with him in. We were doing them through the mail, but know it would be much better if we could meet with him in person.
Also before New Year's we will be bringing food and a Bible to one of Yuri's friends who recently got sent to prison. Yuri has witnessed to him in the past but the man was too attached to his alcohol to listen. Pray that God will work upon this man's heart.

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