Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prayer Letter

Church & Bible Lessons 
The church is doing very well.  We are all excited about the new building.  So far we have received $1,000 towards the purchase, leaving us at $14,000.  We have started remodeling and the building has come a long way.  Lord willing, it will be ready to meet in by the end of June.  We have been told that the paperwork for the church will be ready in about 3 weeks.  Little by little the news is leaking out that our church will be starting in the village.  Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of these people to receive the Gospel.

Valodia is still coming every Thursday, now at 10 AM EST.  He has also been very faithful to services.  As his lessons come to an end, we pray that he will accept Christ as his Saviour.

Ruselan has moved to an in-between prison house, where he is allowed to work and have a phone.  He has also been reading the Bible on his own, along with the lessons that we are sending him.  This week I will be sending him the last lesson and will be following up shortly after.  Please pray for him to have clear understanding of the Gospel and that he also will accept Christ as his Saviour.

Visas & Paperwork
Our trip to Poland went very smoothly.  We received our visas but the embassy accidentally gave Lydia and Sammy residential visas.  There is a new law here stating that if you have a religious visa, you do not need to get registered, which was a blessing that saved us a lot of work.  But since they gave Lydia and Sammy residential visas instead, we have to work on getting them registered.  Pray that this gets taken care of quickly and smoothly.  It is always a lot of work and takes a lot more of my time than I desire.

Family & Health
While we were in Poland, we had no problems with parasites, but have had problems since returning.  We recently switched to bottled water and are praying that that takes care of the problem.

As you pray for our ministry and work here in Ukraine, we ask that you remember the salvation of our children.  It is our desire that each of our children be saved and fully surrendered to Christ.  Anna has already made a profession and still seems very sincere.  Lydia and Samuel are still too young to understand, but they are growing fast.

Thank you for your prayers and support.
The Curtis Family

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