Saturday, October 22, 2011

Church Neighbors

The Lord has given us many opportunities to talk and witness to those living around the church.  Many of them are interested, but too superstitious to step foot in our church doors.

A lady named Valentina lives directly across from the church.  After talking with me for a little while, she accepted the Bible I offered her but said she would not come to church because she would be cursed by the Orthodox if she did.  She is also very afraid of the gossip which might be spread about her if she attended.

Tatiana lives next door and has stopped in occasionally.  She dislikes the orthodox priests and wanted another place to go.  When she enters she does a cross over her chest and one time she left some canned goods.  She usually only stays a few minutes to fulfill some religious duty, then leaves.  She has a desire to be religious but is not concerned with the state of her soul.

Last Friday while putting tracts on doors, we met Maria.  She was very excited about our church being here, especially since it was so close to her house.  She had been attending a protestant or charismatic church in the city, but it was hard for her to get to.  She appeared to be sincerely interested in coming but was having some memory loss problems.

Pray that God will defeat the religious superstitions of these people that they might be saved.  Pray for this one woman that God will give her the memory to come out. 

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