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Prayer Letter & Update

July 25, 2012


The past few months have been busy ones for us.  We have traveled from Virginia to Florida, from Georgia to Maryland and will soon be heading to New England for the remainder of our time here in the states.  It has been a blessing to visit with old friends and meet new ones.  During our 2 week stay in Georgia we had a chance to spend time with Jessica’s family and the kids enjoyed getting a chance to know their grandparents.  On our way up from Georgia we stopped in North Carolina to help pass out tracts for the 4th of July and stayed to watch the fireworks.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed their first celebration of the 4th of July and probably got out more tracts than the adults!  We also just finished helping with the VBS here at our Mission’s church in Maryland.  We feel like we have been going steady, but there’s no complaining from our kids—they are loving it all and the new friends they are making.  Still, we are anxious to get back and have started preparing to leave.  We have applied for passports for Anna and Daniel and should be receiving those by sometime next week.  We will then work towards receiving our visas.  Pray that we receive those without problems.

 Ukrainian Church
As some of you may know, Brother White had to come home for the month of July to have a small operation.  Everything went well and he is doing much better.  They are getting ready to fly out and will be in Ukraine by Friday evening. 

The church has still been seeing about 5 unsaved people attend each service.  Baba Maroosa is one of them and she has started bring one of her friends.  Also, Tamara and her mom have started coming and bring her grandsons with her.   Valodia is still attending and sometimes a new lady (one of Slavic’s friends), Olya.  A few other ladies who are working for Slavic are coming as well.
They have started doing weekly Bible clubs and had 14 kids come out the first day.  Some kids have since not been allowed to attend again, which I know has been discouraging.  Our neighbors have even been allowing their daughters, Nastia and Masha, to come.  Nastia was allowed to go to church once, but her father doesn’t let her go any longer.  Please be praying for this young family.   They seem to be opening up slowly to the Gospel and the White’s will be talking with them more soon.  They  also have been using the Bible lessons as punishments/rewards with Nastia so she has not been allowed to attend lately.  In the beginning of August they will be having a VBS and would appreciate your prayers during this time.
And we are excited to announce that almost exactly one year after moving into it, THE CHURCH BUILDING HAS BEEN COMPLETELY PAID OFF, thanks to the many generous love offerings we have been given.   What a blessing it is to have this taken care of!  Thank you!

The following is a little bit of an update from the White's about the ministry there in Ukraine:

 On the Bible Club
We praise the Lord for the weekly summer Bible Clubs. Our neighbors         
      have allowed their children to come.  Pray they will also be able to come
to the Bible Camp the week of August 20th.  Some children were not
allowed to return when the parents realized we were not just playing
games, singing songs, and doing crafts but teaching from the Bible.
On the Church
Continue to pray for these dear folk. (Ola, Maria or Baba Maroosa, Valodia)  They come faithfully to church but as of yet have not truly seen themselves lost and need to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
We ask that you continue to pray for us as we serve our dear Lord and Saviour in this Satan controlled area.  In our 20 years of giving out the Gospel in this part of the world we have never faced such a satanic assault as we do here.  Pray for the Children's Bible Camp the week of August 20th.  Pray that God will send the children to us and that we will be able to reach them and their families for the Lord.  We are praying for 20 children.

This is taken from their prayer letter.  We ask that you will pray with them and us over this Bible camp and the village of Vvedenka.  They also were able to dig the well in Ukraine and build a pump house, thanks to their church who gave the rest of the needed money.  We appreciate all of you who have given towards that as well.  They are now enjoying the benefits of cold water.

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