Monday, November 2, 2009

Saved on "satan's Day"

Lina, Tamara, Jessica

October 31st, while most in America were preparing to celebrate Halloween, satan was trying desperately to keep control of a woman named Tamara. For 52 years she had been under his control, living in a home with a mom who practiced witchcraft and practicing it herself later. At the same time, she was searching for the truth. Seeking for answers through the Russian Orthodox church, a charismatic church, the Jehovah Witnesses...all telling her the same thing-she must do something for her salvation. They told her that right now her "gifts" were from satan, but that after she was "saved" she could use them for God. She came to our house Saturday, October 31st at 8:30 AM and talked until 3 PM. First she told of all of her visions, experiences, and "gifts" asking us if they were from God or from satan. She wanted to know "What is truth?" and "How can I KNOW that you are telling me the truth?". She pointed to a book she had brought and said that the man who wrote it was older than we were, so how could we claim to know more about the truth than him? Each time Eric would point her to what the Bible says. Near the end, she said "I believe you because you have not once said nice words to convince me, you have only pointed to the Bible." What a blessing it was when she said she wanted to receive Jesus as her Saviour! She bowed her head and prayed accepting Jesus into her heart but didn't stop there. She then prayed for her son, who is in prison for stealing, that he might find the truth like she had saying that she knew he was where he was because of her. So, on a day many consider "satan's day", satan lost control over another soul!

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