Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Call in the Night

Tonight as we were settling in for the evening, Eric received a call on his cell phone. All the guy said was, "Eric, call me back and I will explain who this is." Eric called him and the man said that his name was Alexander. Eric had met him in the market while passing out tracts and had talked with him for quite some time. Before he left, Alexander asked for Eric's phone number. Now about a month later he calls with a question, "Why doesn't God hear my prayers?". He called himself a Christian and said that he believed in God, but does not attend a church. Eric told him that the only way God will hear our prayers is through Jesus Christ and unless we are saved through Jesus Christ we are considered the enemies of God. Eric is planning on meeting with Alexander tomorrow. Please be in prayer for Alexander that God will continue to work upon his heart and for Eric to have wisdom as he meets with him.

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