Friday, June 10, 2011

Open Doors

Well, Valodia has not been coming as frequently to church or Bible lessons.  He is still very friendly, he just has other things right now to keep him busy.  We pray that God will use the scripture that he has heard to work upon his heart.

God has blessed with more people interested in taking Bible lessons.  On Thursday we started lessons with Slavic.  He is working for Yuri and Kristina.  When we showed up on Thursday we were only expecting him, but Sveta (the lady who never showed up for Bible lessons with Jess) was working for Yuri and stayed for the lesson, and Yuri's mom (Baba Shora) sat through the lesson. 

Today as I was driving to meet Yuri, I gave Sasha (Sveta's boyfriend) a ride.  We had planned Bible lessons with him in the past, but he was always too drunk to come.  Today he was very interested.  He said that Sveta had told him about the first lesson and now he is planning on doing lessons Monday at 6 PM (11AM EST).  Pray that his drinking will not keep him away.

Pray that God will work upon these hearts and bring them to salvation.

Jess and I are also counseling Yuri and Kristina.  While I talk to Yuri about the biblical role of a husband, Jessica and Kristina are studying the role of the wife.  Please pray for this young couple that God will protect and strengthen their marriage.

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