Monday, August 1, 2011

Prayer Letter

Church & Bible Lessons
We are now officially in the village.  There is still a LOT of work to be done, but the ceilings and walls are finished in our main meeting area and hopefully we will be able to complete the other rooms by the end of the month.  Everyone came out to help paint the main room and are anxious to do whatever it takes to finish the rest.  Praise the Lord for willing workers!  We also greatly appreciate all of you who have sacrificed to help us purchase this property.  So far we have had $1,4050 come in towards the purchase which leaves us at $13,050.

Since moving to the village we have been faced with some discouragements.  Shortly before we moved out here a Pentecostal group started meeting here in the village.  Also, Valodia quit Bible lessons and coming to the services near the end of his lessons.  The Lord did open up the door for more Bible lessons with a man named Slavic.  He believes that he is saved (as do many here), but we are praying that as he continues the lessons he will come to see the need of true repentance.  Baba Shora, Yuri's mom, has also been sitting in for the lessons and is very attentive.  What a blessing it would be to see her saved!  She is known around the village for her drunkenness.  We are praying for her salvation and for God to completely change her life for His honor and glory.

Ruselan is on his last lesson and should have completed it by now, but we have not heard from him.  During the winter months, we were sometimes his only supply of food so it is possible that this was the reason he wanted to continue with his lessons.  I am planning on visiting with him this month and ask that you pray for me and for this young man's salvation.

Family, Health & Registration
We were finally able to get Samuel and Lydia's registration.  Other than making us wait a while, we had no problems.
In early July, Brianna also returned to the states.  We praise the Lord for how smoothly her trip went.

In June, Sammy came down with whooping cough.  We were not aware of what it was until later in July after the girls came down with it.  Needless to say, much had to be put on hold (including remodeling of the church).  It has been a very rough couple of months and we are praising the Lord that everyone is starting to recover.  We greatly appreciate all of you who have kept up with us through our blogs and let us know you were praying for us during this time.  Your prayers were greatly appreciated.

Lastly, we are excited to announce that we are expecting another little boy!  Jessica is about 18 weeks pregnant, putting our baby boy due around Christmas/New Year's.  Please pray for a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby.  Also strength for Jessica as she deals with the Ukrainian medical system and opportunities to witness. 

(More remodeling pictures here, and pictures from our first services in the new building here and here.)

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